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Sleeping Pad - closed foam or closed foam self-inflatable
Backpack - Click this link for sizing advice - at the very least, 40 litre size. Many of us have a 70 litre.
Pillow - Examples at this link. Not the style like we use at home. Looking for comfort in a compact size. Packable and/or inflatable type Of course, when hiking in, most of us simply use clothing for a pillow!
Head Lamp - Auto shut-off would be great – no dead batteries the next morning!
Knife - with sheath! Leatherman or Gerber tools are also great. Your scout must have his/her knife permit first!
Lifestraw - prices at local outdoor/sports stores are comparable to anything online. This is by no means mandatory, but they're lightweight and pretty cool.
Decent Hiking Shoes and Socks - Go for technical material and not cotton: “cotton is rotten”. I use a Helley Hanson sock liner (a sock for a sock) at work. After 12 hours my rubber work boots steam with heat inside but my feet are dry and comfortable.
Sleeping Bag - This is tricky as for year-round camping, one should have two: a light-weight summer one (preferably in a compression sack) and then a heavy winter one. I would probably start with a winter-rated one, mummy-style. Surplus Herby’s has a good selection. Look for around 20 below.
Mess Kit - lightweight. Plate, bowl, spoon, fork, knife
Cooking Set - lightweight for hiking. Ideally, you'll want to eat from it too!
Proper Layers - Remember, "cotton kills."
Proper Pants: Jeans are fine for regular meetings. But for outdoor adventures, hiking/cargo pants with pockets and belt loops are needed. No leggings. Make sure your pants have room for long underwear underneath!