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Group Commissioner:
Doug Kitching -

Group Treasurer:
Dave Burge -

Group Quartermasters:
Dan Francescutti -
Brad Clark -

Jr. Quartermaster:
Mac Clark -

Group Chaplain:
Randy Hamm -

Group Secretary:
Jo-Anne Burge

Group Youth Commisionner:
Mac Clark -

Beaver Scouts:
Scouter Chris (Hawkeye) -
Scouter Shona -

Cub Scouts:
Scouter Dave-
Scouter Doug -
Scouter Megan -
Scouter Clay -
Scouter Chris -

Scouter Russ-
Scouter Michelle -
Scouter Clay -

Venturer Scouts:
Scouter Brad -
Scouter Dan -
Scouter Kevin -
Scouter Amanda -
Scouter Shawna -
Scouter Randy -


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